About Our School

Anandan Academy has set unparalleled standards in Child Development & Education space.

Having acknowledged the uniqueness of each child and their infinite potential.

Anandan Academy has its proprietary pedagogy.

Anandan means happiness,We believe that children need love, trust and faith to blossom into responsible and mature individuals.

Children learn through hands-on experience in a beautiful country side setting from planting a seed to harvesting, measuring feed and petting rabbits, telling stories about their day.

Every child is a leader with given responsibility to sense the value of discipline in a loving secure environment.

Advanced academics really sink into the mind in this creative environment!

Anandan Academy

Why We are Unique

‚ÄčOur curriculum is inspired by Montessori style and is fused with progressive academics to develop focus as well as gain knowledge.

Traditional School

Progressive School

Teacher- centered (teacher's standard)

Student - centered (personalized, Individualized)

Educating for next school level

Educating for the moment

Low teacher:student ratio

High teacher:student ratio

External discipline

Positive discipline

Isolated Curriculum

Integrated Curriculum

Product -oriented

Process - oriented

Learning of skills by drill

Learning skills by various creative ways

Concept presented as facts to memorize

Concepts presented as questions to investigate

Basic learning

In-depth learning

Quantitative assessment

Authentic assessment